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FTTH deployment in China - The process accelerates

FTTH deployment in China - The process accelerates

China is at the forefront of fiber adoption worldwide. Since 2013, it has been embarked on an aggressive fiber deployment strategy. By the end of 2019, the country had recorded almost 400 million FTTH subscribers, accounting for 92% of Internet users.

This study addresses these major topics:

The current state of the Chinese FTTH market, comparing it to other countries in the world;
The key factors driving the rapid development of the FTTH market in China;
The different policy instruments used by the government to promote national FTTH network development;
The commercial deployment strategy applied by Chinese telecom operators to drive fiber adoption;
The effect of coronavirus on the Chinese FTTH market.

1. Executive Summary
2. State of the Chinese fiber broadband network
3. Comparison of China with European countries, Japan and US
4. Political and market condition analysis
5. China broadband strategy and principal finance
6. Change in the competitive landscape of Chinese fixed broadband
7. Analysis of the Chinese fiber-optical network value chain
8. Analysis of broadband plans of Chinese telecom operators

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