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5G B2B: 5G use cases in China

5G B2B: 5G use cases in China

Global operators began launching 5G networks in early 2019. The high bandwidth and low latency of 5G will accelerate digital transformation and enable new business models for various industry verticals, including manufacturing, healthcare and transportation, etc.
The development of 5G industrial applications are still in the introduction stage worldwide. Chinese government sees 5G as a driver and is taking top-down approaches to promote 5G deployment.
Today, China is at the forefront of 5G development and adoption in various vertical industries.

This report addresses the following questions:
- What is the status of 5G in the world?
- What are the key 5G technologies to help vertical industries achieve digital transformation?
- Which vertical industries are the first to be affected by 5G?
- How does 5G enable each industry to achieve digital transformation?
- What are the key 5G applications for each industry vertical?
Table of Contents

1. 5G, a major technology to accelerate industrial digitalization
1.1. Global 5G deployment status
1.2. Transition from 4G to 5G network
1.3. 5G’s expected technical benefits
1.4. 5G key enabling technologies for industry solutions

2. 5G main use cases
2.1. Media: Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
2.1.1. Overview of the 5G media use case
2.1.2. Media industry challenges and priorities
2.1.3. 5G enabled smart media applications
2.1.4. 5G media use case assessment
2.2. Xiamen 5G smart port
2.2.1. Overview of 5G smart port use case
2.2.2. Port industry challenges and priorities
2.2.3. 5G-enabled smart port applications
2.2.4. 5G smart port use case assessment
2.3. Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital – 5G Smart hospital solution
2.3.1. Overview of the 5G healthcare use case
2.3.2. Healthcare industry challenges and priorities
2.3.3. 5G-enabled smart healthcare applications
2.3.4. 5G healthcare use case assessment
2.4. 5G Smart Mining
2.4.1. Overview of the 5G Mining use case
2.4.2. Mining industry challenges and priorities
2.4.3. Examples of 5G-enabled smart mining application
2.4.4. 5G mining use case assessment 35
2.5. Manufacturing: Midea smart factory
2.5.1. Overview of the 5G smart manufacturing use case
2.5.2. Manufacturing challenges and priorities
2.5.3. 5G-enabled smart Manufacturing applications
2.5.4. 5G manufacturing use case assessment
2.6. 5G Smart Grid
2.6.1. Overview of the 5G smart grid use case
2.6.2. Power industry challenges and priorities
2.6.3. 5G-enabled Smart Grid applications
2.6.4. 5G smart grid use case assessment
2.7. Summary of 5G main use cases
2.8. Stages of development of industrial use cases based on 5G

Report Title: 5G B2B: 5G use cases in China

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