Hot Dogs and Sausages - The Taste of New Sizzling China

Sep 19,2018 | Food

Across the world hot dogs and sausages have been immensely popular among all ages owing to the taste, convenience and variety offered. Although its consumption differs through regions and seasons, new flavors and products keep boosting the market globally. In 2015, according to a survey among different regions, Asia Pacific held the largest consumption market share of 38.76%, followed by Europe and North America. Generally the demand for hot dogs and smoked sausage, increases during the summer and decreases during the winter months. While a range of dinner sausages are more in demand in summers, the holiday season sees a rise for breakfast sausages.

Hot dogs and sausages are made from an assortment of meat such as pork, beef, chicken, mutton, and lamb. Despite pork considered as the main ingredient in the overall market, products from chicken are recognized as a suitable option given the health awareness among consumers. With these reasons many prefer chicken than red meat, since the cholesterol content in red meat is higher as compared to chicken. Moreover, chicken does not contain trans-fat, which is one of the main causes of certain heart diseases. Hot dogs and sausages are popular especially among the younger generation in China. The sausages industry is segmented into both non-vegan and vegan categories. Given the busy life style of people over the years, varieties of hot dogs and sausages as a quick meal option has led to increased consumption in China. This factor has helped the market to grow to US$11.062 million in 2018 and is set to grow at a 10.1% CAGR between 2018 and 2021.The rapid development of the hot dogs and sausages market has led to the expansion of many companies in the emerging economies like China, UAE and Philippines. Hence, in terms of revenue and consumption volumes, Asia Pacific has become the market leader of the global hot dogs and sausages market.

The Chinese are eating more sausages than before, thus making it the biggest global manufacturer and consumer of the varied products at the same time. The demand is booming both in China and other developing countries as food habits have become increasingly global.

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